How to create tf record for deepstream custom training for ALPR model

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): Jestson Nano
• DeepStream Version: 5.1
• JetPack Version: 4.5
• TensorRT Version:
• TLT Version: 3.0

Hello there,

We are trying to train the custom ALPR model and we are facing this error:

tlt detectnet_v2 dataset_convert -d ./SPECS_tfrecord.txt -o ./lpd_tfrecord/lpd


“No file found at: {}. Did you run docker login?”.format(config_path)
AssertionError: Config path must be a valid unix path. No file found at: /home/amnt_ssip/.docker/config.json. Did you run docker login?

Please help us to solve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Naresh Mungpara


Do you run the tlt command on Jetson?
Please noted that training with TLT is only on x86 with NVIDIA GPU such as a V100.


Yes, we have run it on Jetson.

Is there any other workaround except training it on V100, can another GPU be used?


You will at least need a dGPU on the x86 system.

V100 is recommended since we don’t test all the GPUs for training.
But in general, a desktop GPU should work.