How to create two different eglstreams on PX2?


I’m working on the PX2, and we need to use eglstream to send two streams from one producer (camera capturing) to two consumers (two different applications). Now, I’m looking into this link It says we need to create eglstream 1 and 2 and connect the producers and consumers together. However, when I tried to use nvm_eglstream to create two different eglstreams, I got the same file_desc. Below were the commands I used to test, and I modified the nvm_eglstream to show the file_desc number.

(type this in two different consoles)
./egldevice/nvm_eglstream -producer 1 -consumer 1 -standalone 2 -ot rgba -d 0
(the file_desc is 16 for both of them)

My question is: can I use this way to generate two different eglstream? Is the file_desc representing one specific eglstream? If yes, then I just created one eglstream? How can I create two different eglstreams so that I can follow the instructions in that link?


Dear chenghul,

Please see the link for your topic. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help! It’s very clear and helpful.