How to cross-compiling opencv on the host machine for Drive-PX2?

I found the manual about compiling opencv fro PX2 is about native-compling;

So, how to cross-compiling opencv on the host machine, like Ubuntu16-amd64, for Drive PX2.


Dear wenwu.deng,

We had posted OpenCV topic on below link. Please see below link. Thanks.

At the present time, this document focuses only on native compilation.

Due to the limitation of internet-access in my company, native compilation may be impossible.

Well, I think I’d better have a try first.

And I have another question:

Is there any way to upgrade my PX2 offline?

Dear wenwu.deng,

I’d like to suggest the following way. Thanks.

  1. Download DriveInstall Linux from outside the company on HOST PC.
  2. Run DriveInstall Linux on HOST PC.
  3. Skip Tegra flash
  4. Copy DriveInstall all files to USB memory
  5. In the company, copy DriveInstall all files to HOST PC.
  6. Run DriveInstall Linux.
  7. Flash DPX2.

Thanks a lot.

It works.

Hello, Steve, I have upgraded the Driveworks0.3 on PX2 using the above ways you mentioned.

And I have followed the steps to update the Aurix.

But there is a problem with the ethernet:

I can’t access to the PX2 with the command:


but the connection seems all right.

Where is the problem?

Dear wenwu.deng,

To flash Aurix FW, please refer to the following link in DPX2. Thanks.
@Chromium brower, https//
-> Flashing and Using the Platform -> Flashing Aurix

Dear, I have read the reference and try to follow its instructions to flash the Aurix;

But I can’t see the com-port after I plug the usb-usb cable between PX2 and my windows:

  1. Connect a USB cable between the Windows system and the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 debug USB port.
  2. Open the Device Manager Control Panel and expand the Ports (COM & LPT) navigation tree.
    A list of the COM ports is displayed. The list contains at least 8 USB Serial COM ports when DRIVE PX 2 is connected.

Something goes wrong? should I install some drivers?

In the reference, there is a topic named:

Flashing the Aurix Firmware For Linux OS

Surely I have done that. it seems I have updated the aurix?

And the problem is I can’t use the ethernet to connect my computer and the px2.

So, can you tell me where is the problem?

I just got very confused now.

Dear wenwu.deng,

Could you please refer to below link for Aurix flash.

Please download below doc and see page 51 ~ 58.

Please use “” file in HostPC(VibranteSDK/vibrante-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts) to flash Aurix FW. Thanks.