How to customization cboot with nx emmc module

How to rebuild cboot with nx emmc module, and how to replace to nx emmc module?

Generally we suggest users to build the cboot from x86 host and use to flash it to device.

There is a readme file inside the cboot source for how to build.

Hi WayneWWW,

Is there no way to dd the generated cboot_t194.bin and cbo.dtb file on the XavierNX? We have a developer kit version but the partitions are not at all similar to those of AGX Xavier and/or NANO.

I can’t bring the system close to an x86 host system to run the command, so dd is the best option I have.

After rel-32.3.1, I always suggest user to use bup_payload updater to update those binaries. Since every platform has different case and even different partitions have different cases, I don’t suggest to use dd anymore.

For example, I remember jetson nano is not able to use dd to update specific partition. However, on tx2, that works again.

Thus, to prevent confusion, the official method to update bootloader is payload updater.

Hello @WayneWWW,

Thank you for the quick response. I will try to follow the steps mentioned in the doc.