How to customize CBoot version


I want to customize CBoot version with my own version number.
Currently, when cboot boot up, it logs this:
“Cboot Version: t194-df574508”.
When I issue file command on cboot lk.bin file it gives:
build-t194/lk.bin: dBase III DBT, version number 0, next free block index 335544328

I want to add our own version number, so that it shows “Cboot Version: t194-1.1.0” for example.
I also want to be able to grep cboot version number by its .bin file. For example, file lk.bin command or any other command (strings lk.bin | grep xxx).


You could replace this string in

I actually found out another solution:
I can add my own version variable in bootloader/partner/t18x/cboot/build/
Then in bootloader/partner/t18x/cboot/make/, I can add my version variable in the APPEND_VERSION line when it appends version in lk.bin