How to customize Omniverse XR buffer size


We are now using Omniverse XR, but the default device resolution is 2x1664x1872 shown at the top-right of the viewport, when we change the Relative Size of XR buffer, both width and height are changed, like scaling the buffer size. If there is properly way to change the desired buffer size (both width and height) to suit our device resolution?


Hello @jianguozhang! Thanks for your question. I’ve informed the XR dev team about your question.

Hey @jianguozhang! I’d love to know more about what you’re trying to do, to see how we can help you.

Hi @OmerShapira, thanks for your reply. We would like to streaming the Omniverse XR content to our customized device, so we want to know if there proper api to set xr buffer size, like 2x2048x1024, rather than default 2x1664x1872.

Thanks Again.

@WendyGram Thanks for your help

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