How to dd Xavier disk /How to boot the OS in USB disk ?


I would like to dd ( my xavier disk. By doing so I can save a lot of time from flashing OS and configuring every jestson xavier computers. Running the dd command requires a standalone OS, and a typical option is running the OS in a usb disk.

To boot from usb, usually I can change the boot order to usb in BIOS. But I fail to do so when booting the xavier. My question is how to boot the OS in my usb disk?



I don’t know when the next release will come out, but likely it will be “soon” (there may be a metric/American unit conversion in there somewhere!) which supports proper cloning.

Meanwhile, beware that the boot process has changed considerably from earlier releases of L4T and thus it is difficult to actually dual boot an Xavier (which is needed to do a true clone). @snarky probably has the best workaround until the next release:

An actual partition clone is usually better since a mounted system will have some pseudo files over the top of real files, but for the most part this isn’t an issue.

It used to be that extlinux.conf and U-Boot contained everything needed to pick a root partition, but some of that information is now needed in earlier boot stages and some of this has migrated to partitions and device tree (meaning a serial console picking an entry in extlinux.conf probably isn’t going to work as expected). It’ll be interesting to see how the boot process evolves at the next JetPack release.

The Documentation defines how o boot from USB or SD, as far as I remember. You may download it from the ‘Downlaod’ section.
I did not try booting from usb, as I have no usb that will fit, but I do not see obstacles doing that.
Moreover, dd can be done from runnign system if getting the filesystem into readonly mode in prior to running dd.