How to deal with Fermi with model numbers >=630 ?

With vulkan only software design how do you deal with with customers having fermi with model numbers 630 or greater…

So minimum requirements, are quite spotty on nVidia side. Cannot really say X or greater because nVidia marketing has released greater numbered cards with Fermi and now it seems those won’t be able to run Vulkan.

Considering using model number with other manufacturers maybe minimum requirements would need to be expressed as nVidia graphics card that supports vulkan. Or with lowest model number keppler with list of GPU numbers that won’t work with higher numbering.
But GT 630 and several others give additional headache because there both kepler and fermi based variants with same model numbers.

Tell your customers to read out the compute capability instead e.g. via GPUCapsViewer
Although it’s unrelated, it’s still clearly defined: Fermi = 2.x , Kepler = 3.x

(Actually current GPUCapsViewer has now Vulkan support)