How to debug and use driveworks in Qt on host PC

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04]
SDK Manager Version: []

Background info:
I have setup Qt and Qt creator and also installed driveworks example and SDK to host PC.
Host PC is connected to Pegasus via USB cable.
I can run the driveworks example gmsl camera on Pegasus.

Now I want to develop an app in Qt that allow user confiugre the camera parameters and view the gmsl camera stream. So I need to use the driveworks API.

I want to develop on host PC but the question is, how to debug it? do you have any pegasus simulators? Is it so that I always have to send the binaries to Pegasus and test natively?

Please help.


Dear @hhll,
Could you check using nsight ecplise? Please see Nsight Eclipse IDE: Set up the NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse IDE for efficient development on your host and target

Hi have to use Qt 5.14 for developing cross platform app.
Nsight is not an option here.

Dear @hhll,
We have not tried Qt for development DW sample. Note that using Nsight Eclipse allows you to profile and debug the application on host and target.

Hi hhil,

Some additional info/questions.

Are you trying to run qt on your host machine and then have it configure the parameters on target? Or create a qt application on both host and cross compile for target? Can you clarify how you are trying to use driveworks? As Siva mentioned we don’t have qt support experience, but maybe we can help with DW.

There is no DRIVE AGX devkit simulator. You can run driveworks applications and debug on your host machine, or when you are ready cross compile for the target and execute there for further debugging and profiling.

Hi, thanks for additional support. Yes we are going to create a qt application which uses drive works to access GMSL cameras on Pegasus and then cross compile for target Pegasus. During developing stage we would like to use only the host machine with NVIDIA graphics card to test. (That’s why I ask if there are any simulators)
When it’s ready, we send the binaries to Pegasus target and run the application.

We don’t want to set up the development environment on Pegasus since it will only be used for running the app. All the development should be done on host machine( assume we need NVIDIA graphics card for cuda + drive works)

Hello @hhll,
cross compiling and debugging with QT IDE questions can be answered better if they are posted on QT supporting forums than here.

Also please consider that the recommended IDE for development and debugging remotely on the Drive AGX platform is the Nsight Eclipse. you might want to consider developing on the host, and when ready generate the CMAKE / make file to compile and debug remotely on the Drive platform using the Eclipse IDE.

I managed to use cmake in qt for now. Eclipse is not option for my product.