How to debug in VS2005? Simple instructions for dummies needed!

I got my code running without error messages in vector-vector dot product. Only a minor problem left: result is totally incorrect and I can’t understand how to be able to debug the code using XP and VS2005. I tried using -deviceemu option, it clearly makes different compilation but trying to debug the code didn’t help at all. Lots of unrecognizable code in …cudafe1.stub.c window. Trying to jump into the code (F11) shows more unrecognizable code. No good.

I assume there is a way to see what the GPU is supposed to do during execution, how my vector terms are assigned to threads and what comes out from each operation, but can’t figure out how it is done, just like with ordinary CPU code. So, is there a CUDA debugging guide for dummies, with comprehensive snapshots and explanations how one should interprete the code and unknown parameters which pop to “Locals” window. If it exists, please give a link to it. If not, please give hints how to proceed.