How to debug "no cameras available"


I have a brand new jetson nano and an imx219 camera.

I’ve been following these two guides (, to get the camera working.

When I run the gstreamer command, as indicated in the first guide, I get the error “No cameras available”. When I try running “ls -l /dev/video0”, as indicated in the second guide, there is no “video0” folder in /dev/ at all.

Are there any drivers I’m supposed to install for non-USB cameras? I followed the getting started guide to flash the drive, etc. but my nano has never been connected to the internet for any downloads.

I’m a noob at jetson and for all I know I didn’t attach the camera properly, does anyone have steps to take to verify whether or not this is a connection issue, a driver issue, or something else?


You may post the output of kernel boot messages for better advice.
After boot, just use:

dmesg > kboot.txt

and upload this kboot.txt file with your next post.
Are you sure your camera ribbon cable is correctly plugged ?