How to debug R52?

Hello, every experts:
my device is Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit, its model is : P3730
I want to write a simple program in R52 of ORIN’s, but I don’t know how to debug it. for example:
1).where is R52’s compile-tool-chain?
2).how to burn my program on R52?
3),how to call my R52 program from orin’s native ubuntu if possible?
4).how to let orin boot from R52 if possible?
I’m freshman of agx orin, above problem is very difficult for me
Is there anyone would like to help me?

Currently the engine is for private usage. Could you share your use-case? Generally we suggest use CPU cores and GPU engine for most use-cases. Your use-case looks unique and please share more information for reference.

Ok, DaneLLL
let me introduce more detail:
we want to let Control-Reference and real-time application work in R5, such as MPC,and R52 is stronger than R5,so, we want to plant our MPC into R52.
now, I need to evaluate our idea, but, I don’t know how to burn my code into R5/R52.

On Orin, R5 and R52 are not open. Please use ARM Cortext-A78AE on current releases.

thanks for your replying, DaneLLL

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