How to debug the SPE(R5) on AON cluster on Devkit with Jetpack5.0.2

Hi, Guys,

I’m developing the SPE’s app on the Jetson AGX ORIN with JP5.0.2, but I couldn’t found where’s the log output via printf() in FreeRTOS. As I know, the SPE’s log is output to combined UART share with the big arm core’s console on Xavier with JP4.4/4.6.
If there any develop/debug guide or document for it?


Hello, Haiping:
You can try jetson-demux ( Jetson/AGX Xavier Tegra Combined UART - Though that page is for Xavier, Orin should be similar.

Let us know if you have more questions.


Thanks ChenJian,

Yes, there’s the same debug port with Xavier used by Orin, I can get the FreeRTOS’s output from SPE while in initial stage, then the later log print from the demo app are disappeared, but that the other issue, and I’ll investigate it.


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