How to decode 8k video without gstreamer?


I am using Z CAM camera for 8k video.
The camera provide 8k rtsp output, but it seems that gstreamer could not process it correctly (posted last year: How to capture image which can directly using by CUDA?).
Also, other software based on gstreamer could not do this (eg. JetsonUtils / OpenCV / …).

And recently I have found that this camera has a own protocol called SSP, which can get demuxed h264/h265 data. So on PC, I could just call libssp(processing SSP protocol)+nvdecode instead of ffmpegdemux+nvdecode which in nvcodec sample. And 8k goes well.
On Orin, I could not find how to use nvdecode without gstreamer.
Is there any example about this?

Thank you.

We have jetson_multimedia_api on Jetson platforms. You can install the samples through SDKManager. For video decoding, please take a look at


Thanks for replying.
I have seen this samples folder before.
It is still using libv4l2 and hard to understand.
So there is no easy way on Jeston just like using ffmpegdemuxer+nvdecode on PC?

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