How to decode the NTP time infomation from multi rtsp stream with V4L2

Dear my friend,

Now we use Jetson Xavier NX board to achieve 16 RTSP streams decoder.

We have achieved the V4L2 video decoder and got the images from RTSP streams.

Now we want to decode the NTP time information from 16 RTSP streams.
Pls help how to achieve it with V4L2 video decoder

Thx a lot!

The information is not in h264/h265 stream so the decoder does not handle it. You would need to check how to get the information from rtp packets. Each frame should have one timestamp and please refer to the option to set timestamps to the frames:

        --copy-timestamp <st> <fps> Enable copy timestamp with start timestamp(st) in seconds for decode fps(fps) (for input-nalu mode)

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