How to decrease the latency of pushing streaming to the local

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x86-64 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine with Geforce GTX 3060
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I use the example to push stream to the local, it has a lot of latency , and I decrease the number of cameras from 30 to 6, it still has a lot of latency, is it normal, and how to decrease the latency?

please measure the latency, please refer to DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-app — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation
To enable frame latency measurement, run this command on the console:
To enable latency for all plugins, run this command on the console:

if you developed your own DS C++ code, you could also refer to DeepStream SDK FAQ - #12 by bcao to measure the latency of the pipeline comonents

I use the example of deepstream, and to measure the latency, I run this command on the ubuntu terminal: export NVDS_ENABLE_LATENCY_MEASUREMENT=1, but nothing happened

  1. If you are using deepstream-app, you need to set that two env, then run the applicaiton, you will see this kind of printing:
    Comp name = primary_gie in_system_timestamp = 1663206875358.702881 out_system_timestamp = 1663206875360.052002 component latency= 1.349121
  2. If you are using other deepstream sample apps such as deepstream-test3, you need to apply the patch and set the env, then run the applicaiton, please refer to DeepStream SDK FAQ - #12 by bcao

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