How to define debug visualizers/pretty print with Nsight Tegra and Visual Studio?

I have got it working quite nicely with debugging android apps with Nsight Tegra 1.5.1 and Visual studio 2013 but I’m missing pretty debug visualization of variables (especially for stl and boost).

When using VC++ the visualizers are defined in autoexp.dat.
For gdb I guess one would use it’s pretty print ability.

But how is this done with Nsight Tegra and Visual Studio?

We are using gnu stl.

Hi Åberg,

Unfortunately, currently there’s no way you can do that in Nsight Tegra, but we are aware of that and plan to implement it in a future release.

Can I ask you some questions to help us understand the requirements better? If yes, here goes:

  1. If we implement the support for most STL/boost containers on our side, will you require the custom pretty-printing API or that would suffice?
  2. Have you edited autoexp.dat previously to enable boost (or other libraries) support in VC++?

Hi, ok I see.

  1. I think that support for stl and some boost would be the main thing but I would still like to be able to visualize some of our own types or other 3rdparty types that we happen to inspect a lot.
  2. Yes, i have added to autoexp.dat from time to time for many yars. Like adding boost types found on the net and adding visulizers for our own type like 3d-math types that often need to be inspected.

Seems like more fun to me to build a customizable system an then add some basic support (stl) through that :)
I guess it’s not feasible to ride on gdb pretty print somehow? I have no idea how the gdb output is transformed and fed to VS though.

Best regards,
Peter Åberg

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply! It’ll help us decide on the future visualizer public API/syntax. Regarding gdb pretty printing, I don’t think it will work. We use the GDB MI interface and we’ve never tested how pretty printing affects Nsight Tegra (not to mention that pretty printing in MI seems to be experimental).