How to delete specific partition / format specific device


I flashed rootfs into both emmc and NVME.
I would like to perform the following using the

  1. Erase specific partition from device (for example erase the APP partition from emmc)
  2. Erase the whole device without flashing it with new partitions (for example erase the whole emmc)

Is it possible?


hello BSP_User,

the flash process will erase the board before writing all the partitions.
please check the flash messages for reference,

[  21.7833 ] Erasing sdmmc_boot: 3 ......... [Done]
[  22.9200 ] Erasing sdmmc_user: 3 ......... [Done]

may I know what’s the actual use-case,
please have a try for using dd commands if you would like to erase a single partition.
for example,
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0pX

I flashed the rootfs partition (APP) on two devices:
emmc and NVME(ssd).

I wish to delete only that partition without deleting the other ones (kernel partition , etc…)
So I need a way to delete specific partition in a specific device: for example deleting APP partition from mmcblk0p1 since I already have it on another device

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