How to deploy 3D camera other than realsense

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x86-64 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine with Geforce GTX 3060
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There are realsense relevant dependent libraries in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.1/lib, which is been used in deepstream-3d-depth-camera project, I think this is designed only for realsense, I wonder to know how to deploy 3D camera other than realsense,

please refer todeepstream-3d-depth-camera ’ readme, createRealsenseDataloader is used to get camera data, if need to deply deploy 3D camera other than realsense, please implement a new dataloader class which is used to capture camera data, you can refer to the comments in deepstream\deepstream\sources\includes\ds3d\common\impl\impl_dataloader.h

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