How to deploy Deepstream Dewarper 360 degree camera with our own dataset?

Hello, I want to detect an object using 360 degree field of view using spherical mirror. Can I tried to implement it using deepstream dewarper, since it was use for 360 degree canera, can I deploy deepstream dewarper with my own dataset?

You may refer to deepstream-dewarper-test and deepstream-test3. In deepstream-dewarper-test, it runs

... ! nvstreammux ! nvmultistreamtiler ! ...

You can customize it into

... ! nvstreammux ! <b>nvinfer</b> ! nvmultistreamtiler ! ...

Hello, DaneLLL
Thanks for the reply,
Do you have some spesific steps?
Because I want to get the position (location) information from object that is detected within bounding box

There is no existing sample exactly same as your usecase. You may need to refer to the two samples and do integration.

Hello, DaneLLL. Thank you for the help.
Which samples can I refer to?
By using deepstream dewarper, can I get the coordinate and save it on CSV?

Please check deepstream-dewarper-test for dewarping, and deepstream-test3 for using nvinfer.

Please also check Plugin Manual for setting nvdewarper. The reference nvaisle_2M.csv and nvspot_2M.csv are config files used for setting nvdewarper. nvdewarper is not able to output CSV files.

Please also check the sample: