How to deploy/transfer files or code from Host to TX2 using Usb micro-B ?

Please help me understand how the connection works between Nvidia jetson Tx2 and Host ( in my case Ubuntu 14.04).
I successfully installed JetPack 3.1 on my Ubuntu Host and Successfully deployed components on my Tx2.
I am not able to understand how to transfer files ( python,C++ exe) from Host to TX2.
Thank you in advance!

Hi yleni_m, individual files aren’t transferred by users over micro-USB. During recovery mode, JetPack-L4T sends the entire partition image during flashing. What you can do over USB, is cloning (image backup + restore), then mount the image from the host, make your edits to the filesystem, and then re-flash to Jetson(s). Or you can skip the initial cloning step, mount system.img, and re-use the default system.img with L4T’s -r option.

If you wanted to be continually transferring/editing files on Jetson during development, I would recommend using ethernet/WiFi connection and mounting from the host using SSHFS.

If you have ethernet you might also use sftp or scp (e.g., “scp local_file_name name@wherever:/some/where”). sftp is an interactive ftp over ssh…many people these days don’t know about ftp, but it is still there in the ssh version.