How to desgin USB2.0 OTG hardware

When USB2.0 port used as otg ,witch IO used as VBUS_DET,and witch IO used as USB_id?
SOM is Jetson Xavier NX. Thanks.

ID pin is not connected on NX devkit, so OTG is not supported on it. You need to design a custom board for that. Please refer to OEM product design guide and reference schematic in DLC to make a design.

Dear Trumany, I am dealing with the same thing.

Just one clarification - are you referring to the NX devkit as a carrier board OR NX devkit as a SoM? From your answer I’d say that Jetson NX SoM itself does not support OTG at all, but not 100% sure I am right…

I mean the NX devkit not SoM.

If you want to implement OTG function on the port, a suitable design is necessary. One pin for USB_ID and a load switch to output to usb vbus of external device etc…

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I use Jetson Xavier NX to desgin my own board ,not use NX devkit。So,witch IO used as VBUS_DET,and witch IO used as USB_id?

Please specify which port is used as ID and which one is used as vbus_det

We already read the desgin guide and other documents,but can’t get the information on OTG design. That’s why i submit this case.

After internal checking, NX don’t support OTG, but do support Dual role mode where NX can be either device or host.