How to detect collision/intersection for mesh which its points attribute is altered during simulation runtime

Hello everyone,

I am trying to introduce offsets (deformations on mesh) based on contact feedback from the Omniverse environment.

Currently to understand how I can detect collision, I am running a simple vertices offsetting code based on kit-extention-template-cpp , Example Omnigraph node extension.

However unfortunately the modification only affect the visual mesh but the colliders do not change during the simulation. Only on pausing the scene do the collider seem to align with mesh state at that time. i also tried to “Overlap, prim, All” Node in Action graph, but it runs into a similar issue. it is not successfully detecting the overlap of the input prim with other scene colliders unless the input prim is already in collision with said colliders before the start of the simulation.

Is there a way to introduce custom deformations/offsets to mesh vertices that can be detected by colliders during simulation time?