How to detect PCIe switch in our NX/NANO SOM

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I have connected PCIe Switch PM40028B1 with our NX/Nano SOM.

  1. How to detect PCIe switch in our SOM.
  2. How to check is that PCIe switch and its lanes are working properly or not.

What does the ‘sudo lspci -vv’ output tell you? Ideally, we should be able to get the switch’s upstream & downstream ports listed here (along with any endpoints connected behind the switch if any).

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Thanks for the solution,
But how we test/measure the speed of PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4 switch which is connected with our SOM

I don’t think I understood your question correctly. To measure the speed of the interface, you need to have an endpoint connected to the downstream of the switch. you can expect the speed depending on the endpoint. For example, if you connect a 10 Gigabit Ethernet card, then, you should see 10Gbps speeds. As far as Xavier is concerned, it supports spec speeds

Yes , actually i am having 5 endpoints connected to my switch…

If i would like to measure the speed of endpoints for my Gen3 and Gen4 devices…
sudo lspci -vv , will this work

‘lspci -vv’ give information about different aspects (of which the speed is one) of the PCIe link interface.
Look for ‘LnkSta’. That entry stands for ‘Link Status’ and you can see the link width and the current speed of the link there.

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