How to determine depth scale of a synthetically generated data from dope writer?

I have generated synthetic data of a table top scene using dope writer, which captures RGB image, depth image, semantic segmentation, and poses. Poses comprise of location and orientation.

  • What would be the depth scale of the synthetic generated data such that when I reconstruct the point cloud through open3d APIs it would result into an accurate representation. Can you please let me know how to know the depth scale?

  • It was observed that the location values were all 100 times the desired location values. For instance, in a table top scene, the camera is placed at a height of 1.2m, whereas the table size is 1m * 1m. However, the same location values in the synthetic data generation comes are [65488, 17.9669075, -116.375427]. It seems to be as they are 100 times the actual values. If so then, why is it so?

Below are the system specifications:

Isaac Sim 2022.2.1
Ubuntu - 20.04
CPU - Intel Core i7
Cores - 24
RAM - 32 GB
GeForce RTX 3060-Ti
Disk - 2TB SSD