How to determine the list of available modules to use in the BUILD file?


I am getting to work with the NVIDIA SDK. I have seen, for instance, that the argus_camera and tje v4l2_camera examples use, in the BUILD file, the modules “sensors:argus_camera” and “sensors:v4l2_camera”. I have also seen that the Component API specifies a isaac.ArgusCsiCamera and a isaac.V4L2Camera.
However, how do I know how a specific component API maps to a corresponding module in the BUILD file (and in the json configuration file)? How can one, for instance, know which “sensors:*” modules are available?

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The Bazel build files themselves with their directory structure and isaac_cc_module()targets should be able to give you some idea of what is available within each module.

Thanks @hemals for the answer, but I did not understand it completely. Could you provide a little bit more detail?

Are you saying that I should go through the ISAAC packages folder and look for the isaac__cc_modules definitions?

It would be nice if the Components API, besides the descriont, inputs and outputs, could also include the “module” definition to use in the json and build files.

Yes, you would need to go through the Isaac packages folders and look for the isaac_cc_modules definitions to get the “module” definition. That information is unfortunately not explicit outside of the build files themselves.

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