How to determine which Jetson Orin NX usb port for recovery boot? which PCIe port for NVMe storage of OS?

Can you share a reference for how to determine which Jetson Orin NX USB port we should use for recovery boot? And which PCIe port for NVMe storage of OS?
Based on what was used in the various carrier cards, I’m guessing USB0 2.0 for recovery (connect to USB micro B or type C as device), and maybe PCIe_2[1:0] for NVMe boot but I want to make sure.


USB0 port is for recovery. NVMe external storage is supported as below.

Supports External Storage (NVMe) through PCIe:
• PCIE0, x4 (Orin UPHY0 Lanes [7:4]), C4
• PCIE2, x2 (Orin UPHY2 Lanes 1:0]), C7
• PCIE2, x1 (Orin UPHY2 L0), C7
• PCIE3, x1 (Orin UPHY2 L1), C9

Thank you, and can we use USB0 (2.0 HS) for regular USB 2.0 (such as on a Type-C connector, together with a USB 3.2 port) when we are not in recovery mode?

Also, I take this to understand that there is not a specific single PCIe port (or partial port, or set of lanes) that we have to use doe NVMe storage of the OS, but can you tell me if there is one of the above listed options that is most common to use and that will be referenced as default in the firmware/software that we get from NVIDIA? we would like to set it up to use the defaults where possible to reduce customization, but there are enough differences between the Jetson Orin NX and the available dev kits, I’m not sure which port will be considered default.


You could refer to our design guide document and see which port is “M.2 key M”. That is actually indicating where the nvme by default in use on devkit.

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