How to determine which PMIC configurations are associated with the P2597 base board

I am currently working on a custom board, and I was wondering if there are any simple ways or even something like a spreadsheet, which would let me know which PMIC configurations are associated with the P2597 base board. For example, in the Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide, it says to “remove the following section that is writing to a slave on the I2C controller 0 address 0x74 in the P2597 base board.”

pmic.generic.1.block[2].type = 1; # I2C Type
pmic.generic.1.block[2].i2c-controller-id = 0;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].slave-add = 0xE8; # 7BIt:0x74
pmic.generic.1.block[2].reg-data-size = 8;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].reg-add-size = 8;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].block-delay = 10;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].count = 2;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].commands[0].0x07.0xFF = 0xEF;
pmic.generic.1.block[2].commands[1].0x03.0xFF = 0x10;

How were they able to determine that was in the base board? Thanks.

hello ben.bole,

please access Jetson Download Center to download the pinmux spreadsheets.
you might also check the documentation, Jetson TX2 MB1 Platform Configuration for the pinmux configuration.