How to develop Tx2NX on ubuntu 20.04

Because same new PC can not install the ubuntu 18.04(I mean some device has no driver on ubuntu18). How to develop Tx2NX on ubuntu 20.04. For example, how to use the sdk manager?

Flashing on command line is not an issue on other distributions of Linux, e.g.:
sudo ./ jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

However, the optional software, e.g., CUDA, is only installed via the GUI (unless you have the apt repo set up, then you can use apt).

It isn’t guaranteed, but some people have “faked” Ubuntu 20.04 into looking like Ubuntu 18.04:

I suppose it is irrelevant, but I am curious which driver fails on 18.04 but works on 20.04?

I know that I can download the kernel source to compile it and to jetson.

I see there has docker images of 18.04 and 20.04. Can I install cuda to tx2nx through the docker of 18.04?

I find USB

I don’t know if docker will work for that. Some of the development software uses docker at times, so I suppose it is possible, but I’ve never used JetPack/SDKM any way except natively on the host PC. Other software compile tends to work either natively or cross compiled (if you have the right environment, which might be a learning curve), but I’ve not used docker for cross compile either.

I use the nvidia official docker image. It works well. I can flash the kernel and cuda on ubuntu 22.04 through docker.

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