How to disable debug console in USB to UART?


On our carrier board for Xavier, the USB is connected to FTDi (USB to serial) and is populated as ttyUSB0. We want to use this as serial port rather than console port.

When we do a loopback test(ttyUSB0 to ttyTHS0), it seems functioning as a debug console for a minute and then act as serial port. Anything we type, it shows up the login prompt expecting username and password. After providing incorrect credentials, logging times out after 60s and then acts as serial port. Thereupon we are able to perform loopback test.

Why is this behaviour and how can I disable those console part?

Thank you.

hello skumars05rt,

please refer to developer guide, Disable Console over UART for reference,

There are some corrections in the issue I posted.

Upon further verification, we observed that ttyTHS0 (UARTA) is functioning as a console port for the initial ~60s. After that, it works as serial port.

@JerryChang, I have not yet tried your suggestion. I will update once done. However, just want to confirm whether the suggested method stops ttyTHS0 functioning as a console port and works as serial port.

Keep in mind that boot stages prior to Linux are completely independent of when Linux loads. Each may need removal of serial console function. Sounds like CBoot needs to also have the UART console disabled.