How to disable ecc on DRAM on Tx2i


I want to run some performance benchmark with and without dram-ecc on TX2i.

How to write 0xc to MC_ECC_CONTROL to disable ecc on DRAM. currently dmesg shows value 0xd and dram ecc enabled.


hello bansaladiti001,

The Jetson TX2i configuration file must be modified.
please refer to [Release 32.1 Development Guide], you may check [Jetson TX2i Module Support]-> Disabling ECC session for the steps to disable ECC.


We need some more help locating this file: /Linux_for_Tegra/jetson-tx2i.conf

I performed this search, even within root:

sudo find / -type f -name "jetson-tx2i.conf"

The only output is:

find: ‘/proc/26436’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/run/user/1001/gvfs’: Permission denied

The documentation says “Where is the directory where you downloaded and installed L4T”. L4T is installed as part of Jetpack, and should be there in the TX2i already (We can use the GPU (and have run inference) on the TX2i, so to the best of our knowledge Linux for Tegra has been installed properly, which to our understanding includes L4T). Therefore, these are our questions:

-Is the config file in that path that shows permission denied? If so, how can we access it?
-Otherwise what location should this file be in? We flashed the TX2i using the Jetpack installer with the instructions provided by Nvidia and do not know where the L4T installation folder should be.

Thanks in advance.

hello jvliai,

if you’re installing with SDKManager-0.9.11
after you done configuration and finish flashing TX2i, the root file system would also download to your local machine.
for example,


Thanks for your reply. We installed using Jetpack 3.3. Per your instructions I have now found the .conf file in the host, but not within the TX2i. Do I need to modify the file and then flash the TX2i again?

hello jvliai,

since you’re working with JetPack-3.3,
please refer to [Release 28.2 Development Guide]-> [Jetson TX2i Module Support]-> Disabling ECC chapter for detail steps.
you need to modify the configuration to include different dtb and cfg files, please flash device again to let the settings active.