How to disable FRL by default

We need use best effort schedule,and need disable the FRL in the production environment though it may cause other trouble.But now,we use oVirt to manage the virtual machine.It will generate a new vGPU id then start it once we start or reboot a virtual machine.So it’s difficult for me to do the operation following your document because that means I must change the oVirt source code. I tried modify the vGpuConfig.xml file and make the frame_rate_limit 0 ,and it’s still fail to disable FRL. I’m so confused to how to disable the FRL by default,which file I can modify to make the FRL disable in default?

All right…I have to change the scheduling policy and make the RmPVMRL be 0x01 and reboot the hypervisor machine,but it seems that it makes no difference. vGPU still be limited by 60fps

Well, you changed the scheduler but not the FRL!!!

yeah,with my tring my best,I find no easy solution to change the FRL,now my accompany is trying to change the Ovirt source code…
But,even I finally succeed change the scheduling policy and true disable the FRL,some troubles are still there. In some games,It’s frame rate is only 20fps,and when I test the GPU with some tools,it’s only 7-8FPs,with a low GPU utilization 3%-10%…however,it’s OK in some other games, when I run CF,it can reach 170-180fps