How to disable OTA Core service


How can I stop the OTA Service that outputs the following log?

Starting OTA Core service
Using default profile
OTA ENGINE [profile: default]

Run mode      : NORMAL
Release mode  : PROD
Master Node IP:
Vehicle       : NVIDIABB8
VIN           : NVOTA00044BCBBC6E
Server URL    :
Current Node  : 0

Number of Nodes: 2
[NODE:0] IP: PORT: 3000
[NODE:0] UNIT SKU: e3550_t194a
[NODE:1] IP: PORT: 3001
[NODE:1] UNIT SKU: e3550_t194b

[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] PRODUCTION MODE: Production
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-03] Message Engine (ota-core-0) Starting...
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-04] [PROXY_NET STATUS: OFFLINE]
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (warn) [0][      CORE-04] NODE[0] - DISCONNECTED
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (warn) [0][      CORE-04] NODE[1] - DISCONNECTED
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Service [CORE] is running (Service ID: 0)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'CMDCTRL' (PATH: ./cmdctrl)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Success launching 'CMDCTRL' (pid: 466979)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'DOWNLOAD' (PATH: ./download)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][   CMDCTRL-02] Message Engine (ota-cmdctrl-0) Starting...
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-03] Service [CMDCTRL] is running (Service ID: 1)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Success launching 'DOWNLOAD' (pid: 466989)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'INSTALLER' (PATH: ./installer)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Success launching 'INSTALLER' (pid: 466990)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'DISPATCHER' (PATH: ./dispatcher)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][ INSTALLER-01] Service init...
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Success launching 'DISPATCHER' (pid: 466991)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'UPLOAD' (PATH: ./upload)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Success launching 'UPLOAD' (pid: 466992)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][      CORE-01] Launching 'FILESHARE' (PATH: ./fileshare)
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][DISPATCHER-01] Running in MASTER mode
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][DISPATCHER-02] Parser thread 0 initialized...
[2019-05-03 11:39:33] (info) [0][  DOWNLOAD-01] Service init

Dear yk-fujii,

Could you please try to run “systemctl stop driveota” for your topic?
BTW, could you let me know why you want to stop OTA Service? Thanks.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your support.

My DriveAGX(SW Version: DRIVE-V5.0.10-E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-ForHyperion-3.00.07) did not have driveota.service.
I had disable devota_setup_run_once.service and otavmclient.service, but, ota service did not stopped.
Also, OTA service host( is alive.

The essence of this question is that I want to reduce the jitter of real-time threads on Ubuntu as much as possible.
So, Is there any way to stop the host running OTA?
If other hosts on the same CPU, I think that it will cause an unpredictable Jitter.

Dear yk-fujii,

Could you help to check this issue if still happens or not after updating Drive Software8.0(

Hi yk-fujii,

We have DRIVE Software 9.0 release, you can download it from
Please move to use this latest version to see if still happens.