How to disable power button when quick click on it?

  1. Software version: JetPack4.5_R32.5.0 , with our custom board which connected to Jetson Xavier NX SOM .

  2. First: remove gdm3 for expand memory which is ubuntu desktop.
    if gdm3 is exist, after quick click power button a dialog box will pop up .

    if gdm3 was removed, after quick click power button device poweroff. But I want device have no response when quick click power button.

  3. After execute : gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power button-power noting , no effect.

  4. Could it can be done? And how to do to disable power button action when quick click it.

Please refer to this web page:
How do I modify the options for the power button? - Ask Ubuntu

The gdm3 was unistall, that means the link you refer have no help ;
and what is more, what you refer i have tried in list 3 contents
I menas: after system removed desktop, just can connect device by ssh or telnet. Then this problem happend.

Try to remover power key from the gpio-keys in the device tree.

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Thanks, it worked. After remove gpio-keys, power button is no any response.

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