How to disable the duplicate after nv_update_engine


I found that when I do the update by nv_update_engine,it will update the _a and _b partition,I want to know when the duplicate happend and how to disable it.


This duplicate is for backup. It has been there since you flashed your board.
What is your purpose to disable it?

assum the device now is in the parttition A,when I use the nv_update_engine to update the parttion B,but when the update finish,nv_update_engine will switch to the partition B and reboot,but after reboot,I found the parttion A is the same with the partition B,they all update.We don’t want the parttiton update,we would like the parttion A retain the old version.

Hi Username1,

It is the nature of nv_update_engine.

I have filed a internal ticket for disabling this auto sync in update engine. Let’s see if we can add this in next release.

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thanks for you help,when the next version release?


32.5 should include this patch. You can use “BL_AUTOSYNC_DISABLE” option to disable auto sync.