How to disable the messages on the nvvidconv elements?

ie all the TVMR: xxx
Looking for some kind of silent=true option but cannot see one with gst-inspect-1.0

Many thanks

Have you tried passing -q to gst-launch-1.0 ?

gst-launch-1.0 --help

Help Options:
  -h, --help                        Show help options
  --help-all                        Show all help options
  --help-gst                        Show GStreamer Options

Application Options:
  -t, --tags                        Output tags (also known as metadata)
  -c, --toc                         Output TOC (chapters and editions)
  -v, --verbose                     Output status information and property notifications
[b]  -q, --quiet                       Do not print any progress information
[/b]  -m, --messages                    Output messages
  -X, --exclude=PROPERTY-NAME       Do not output status information for the specified property if verbose output is enabled (can be used multiple times)
  -f, --no-fault                    Do not install a fault handler
  -e, --eos-on-shutdown             Force EOS on sources before shutting the pipeline down
  --version                         Print version information and exit

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If you’re not using gst-launch, you can try to filter your application’s output with

your_gst_app | grep -v "TVMR:"

or something equivalent with sed.

Furthermore, I’m not sure TVMR messages come from nvvidconv. May be h264 related ?

Hi - I am using gst-parse-launch() from inside python - I don’t see a quiet option on that function call. But great idea!

You could try adding this to your pipeline:

--gst-debug=*:0 <your pipeline>


--gst-debug=nvvidconv:0 <your pipeline>

for just having no debug output from nvvidconv.