How to disable the other characters to avoid collusion for carter mapping


I am trying to make a mapping according to the documents by using carter_sim_mapping and the unreal engine, but every time , I will encounter the forklifts and other characters to stop the map. So can we disable the other characters in the SIM environment?

Hi rd,

In the document go the the character plugin section:

And set the “Number to Spawn” to zero.

Hope this helps,

Thanks response.

I’ve tried to set the “Number to Spawn” to zero in the label ‘CharacterSpawner’ of ‘World Outliner’ window, and found that there is no Pedestrian active, but the forklift still appear and be active.

Yes. Deactivating the forklift is not as straight forward.
If you need help on that I will ask one of our developers to help you out.