How to disable WiFi and bluetooth radios in TX2 module?

I need to disable both Wifi and bluetooth radios in the TX2 module, preferably power them both off completely at boot time without having to modify device tree. What would be the best way to do it?


You may try rfkill:

rfkill list
rfkill block all

Well, rfkill alone doesn’t disable wlan0 permanently. Even after it was added to /etc/rc.local. I also disabled and masked systemd wpa_supplicant.service, but wlan0 interface was still coming up. So I ended up blacklisting bcmdhd kernel module, and that seemed to take care of it. However, I’m still not sure if it would be more intelligent way of doing it. Ideally, I would prefer to power off both radios on system boot so they won’t consume any power. Time to look at device tree modifications? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know…


Not sure it would really do what you want for saving power, but you might also try this:

Thanks for the link, but it’s essentially the same thing that I did. Instead of not compiling bcmdhd kernel module, I’ve just blacklisted it so it’s not being loaded by the kernel.


thank you

Disable it from kernel image or just use rfkill to block it should have the same effect.


How can I disable it from kernel image? I have disabled it in device tree but it is still active after flashing.

You can just blacklist their modules, i.e add them to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.

You could disable it from driver side or DT.

Please refer to tegra18_defconfig and remove below config.