How to disbable the usb network,just use the mass storage function?


we want to disable the usb network for J512, just use the mass storage function.How to configure the software ?

The content for the device mode setup is here:

The files are plain human readable script. I’ll suggest saving a backup, and then just editing to comment out the USB network side. Then restart.

Hello linuxdev
we disable the driver of ucsi CONFIG_TYPEC_UCSI ,and we found that we could not find the usb in the host by use the command lsusb.How to configure the software to adapt the driver?

I could not answer that, but I suspect that there would also be a device tree change involved if you are removing a type-C PHY (the device tree was probably for type-C, and would now need to instead support a type-A for host mode…or for device mode, type-B).

Note that changing the PHY support (removing the ability of the kernel to work with type-C) is not necessary for disabling gadget mode devices. Simultaneously, removing support for a PHY requires changing driver configuration, and would be independent of gadget “virtual” devices.