How to display the video on screen

Hello, I am new to gsteramer and depthai.

I have this OAK camera and I am trying to display the video on the screen. I am using Jetson Nano and OAK-1 camera with usb connection. My goal is to simply display the video on the screen using gsteamer. I have earlier tried it with the v4l2 with other camera it was working fine. But the same pipeline is not working for depthai OAK cam.

I saw this example on depthai-experiments/gen2-rtsp-streaming at master · luxonis/depthai-experiments · GitHub and ran “”.
I have removed the rtsp part and trying to display it with appsink.
but I am just getting these:

pipeline is live and does not need preerolling …
setting pipeline to PLAYING …

and thats it. No video on the screen. Can someone please explain this ?

You can use the rtsp source and our nveglglessink to show in the screen.
You can refer the link below to see how play rstp source with deepstream.

Ok thanks for the response. But I have one question, if I take rtsp as a source, wont it affect on latency? I just want to display the video on the screen, which ideally should be real time and without any lag.

Please suggest any simple pipeline structure, so that I can write a program later using gstreamer API

It may not follow the standard v4l2 specification. You can open some debug info with the cli below to locate the cause of the problem:

GST_DEBUG=5 ...........your cli.........
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can you suggest any other source other than rtsp ? like when i try to put autovideosrc, its not giving me any output.

What’s the output data format of the Camera? You should know this through the camera manufacturer first. Then you can choose the source plugin.

h.264 is the output format

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If your camera’s output is h264, you can use src-->uridecodebin plugin directly or src--->h264parse--->nvv4l2decoder plugins.

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