How to do Factory reset Nvidia xavier Nx production module 16GB?

I am using jetson-Xavier Nx production module of 16gb. I have got the device with 1.9 GB available space. To deploy the code I needed to release the space, So by deleting cuda and other libraries. Now I want to get the production module to factory reset or re- install ubuntu OS in the nvidia device . I have read documentation that I cannot install the operating system using sdk manager and sd card method in nvidia production module. Please give me way to get the original default settings and installations as it came from Nvidia. Note I do not have any space to install the cuda from command line.

The eMMC model uses only JetPack/SDK Manager (run from an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC) to flash. No SD card needed or used, it is simply “flash it” with that software. If there is an error then you can post about that error, e.g., you could “export logs” (there is a button in the flash software for that) and post the logs if it is a complicated error. None of that runs from the Jetson itself (though you could flash, not install “extras”, and then install those from either SDKM or the Jetson’s command line). This of course will not add more space if your goal is to reinstall the same apps.

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