How to do gmapping with custom lidar?

Hi, I wrote ros bridge codelets for rplidar, was trying to do mapping with rplidar,

  1. How can I integrate my custom lidar codelets to the gmapping
  2. From some reference code,I found the edge connections as below, unfortunately, it is causing error to my code.

“edges”: [
“source”: “ros_lidar_subscriber/ros_lidar_subscriber/scan”,
“target”: “range_scan_flattening/isaac.perception.RangeScanFlattening/flatscan”

could you guide me on how can I correctly set edges so that I can visualise lidar scan as well as do the gmapping correctly?

My rplidar codelets : GitHub - arjunskumar/rplidar_rosbridge: rplidar ros isaac bridge

sdk/apps/carter/gmapping/ should be a good example to follow if you aren’t already. It shows integrating Gmapping with Carter.

In your case if I understood, you want to replace Carter with observations coming from a ROS bridge codelet. This would involve replacing the source in the edge 2d_carter.subgraph/interface/flatscan to gmapping.interface/Subgraph/flatscan with the ROS bridge component of your design that publishes Flatscans similarly.

In the edge you listed here, you may not need RangeScanFlattening involved. The RangeScanFlattening component takes a 3D lidar RangeScan and produces a Flatscan from it (2D lidar).