How to do xformstack reset?

Hi, I try to add a rigid body with mass and collision to the tool link of the manipulator. But it show the error:
[Error] [omni.physicsschema.plugin] Rigid Body of (/World/ur5e_gripper_camera_frame/tool0/ket8/ket8_square_8mm001001__solid_/ket8_square_8mm001001__solid_) missing xformstack reset when child of rigid body (/World/ur5e_gripper_camera_frame/tool0) in hierarchy. Simulation of multiple RigidBodyAPI's in a hierarchy will cause unpredicted results. Please fix the hierarchy or use XformStack reset.

How can I resolve this problem?

If you have a prim /rigidbody_1 which has a rigid body api it cannot have any nested prims /rigidbody_1/ribigbody_2 under it that also have a rigid body api.

you have to put them at the same level


From a physics perspective it does not make sense to have a rigid body simulated inside of another, which is why this error message was printed out.

Thanks for you answer, it solves the problem.

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