How to draw a box in the image?

In python, I tried below codes:
jetson.utils.cudaOverlay(img, img.width, img.height, img_out, img_out.width, img_out.height, img_out.format, 600.0, 200.0)

But I got below error:
Exception: jetson.utils – cudaOverlay() failed to parse args

Could you please suggest the right way to call jetson.utils.cudaOverlay()?

Thank you.

Hi @zw_sd, you can see an example of jetson.utils.cudaOverlay() Python function being used here:

cudaOverlay() will get the image width/height/format from the image object, so you don’t need to explicitly pass those in. Try this instead:

jetson.utils.cudaOverlay(img, img_out, 600.0, 200.0)