How to draw figure using Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0 ?

Could me someone explain, how to draw an image using Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0 ?

I could not find neither examples nor explaination of how to do it.

Is there some simple example of function "DrawRectangle" or "DrawTriangle"?

I understood how to draw texts using functions
NVBFTextAlloc(), NVBFTextSetFont, NVBFTextSetSize, NVBFTextSetColor, NVBFTextSetString.

However the same method does not fit for drawing figures.

Is there someone who succeed?


Are you using OpenGL ES?

I wish to use Tegra Android Development Pack which works over OpenGL ES.
Because Android Development Pack is very badly docummneted I still cannot figure out how to use it for drawing figures (I even could not draw a simple rectangle!)

Tegra uses standard OpenGL ES. You can find many tutorials online.

I have thought that Tegra Android Development Pack was created in order to make some things easier.
Id it does, then how can I use it?

it makes it so you don’t have to manually download a number of files required for android development, like the android SDK, the Android Ndk, Java, eclipse, etc and packages them will corresponding tools for tegra development.