How to drop old frames instead buffering too much in low spec Jetson Nano 2g device

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Jetson Nano 2g.
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DS 6
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I’ve retrained a model from detectnet_v2 (resnet 18) by TAO, and it’s running well on my Jetson Nano 2g with file source, the app is a customized Python app (I modified it from official Python sample app: test4), it can achieve 6FPS inference perf.

But see problems when switch the source to a live camera RTSP stream (25fps, 1280*960), the huge time (minutes) lag happened between the inferenced osd and camera live monitor.

I can understand the root cause is the poor perf of the hardware that can’t achieve real-time inference, and may never can’t.

So I wonder is there a way in Python code to drop old frames rather than buffering those un-inferenced frames too much?

Please refer to Troubleshooting — DeepStream 6.0 Release documentation

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