How to due with the undefined op in tensorflow

Will the tensorrt skip undefined op automatically in tensorflow ? Is it the only way to use the IPlugin to implementation undefined op? When the tensorrt meet the undefined op,it report a message like this :[TensorRT] ERROR: UFFParser: Validator error: conv_conv2_dilate/convolution/required_space_to_batch_paddings/mod_1: Unsupported operation _FloorMod.

CUDA version:10.0
CUDNN version:7.3.1
Python version [if using python]:python3
Tensorflow version:1.13rc0
TensorRT version :TensorRT-

In order to use UFF, all the ops have to be known to UFF and TensorRT.
Instead you can use TF-TRT which leaves the unknown ops in TF, and runs the known ops in TensorRT.



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