How to duplicate guest os image?

We now have several DPX2’s on hand, and would like to get them to a consistent state. On x86 Linux systems, the way I’d usually do this is:

  1. configure everything the way I like on one machine
  2. use a tool like Clonezilla to copy the disk image somewhere
  3. use a tool like Clonezilla to write that image to new systems

I’ve been reading the Vibrante Foundation documentation, and it seems like it is meant to support some of these functions- certainly flashing a guest OS. It is less clear to me how to create the image of the guest OS.

I am hoping for some directions on how to use Vibrante Foundation to do this, or a recommendation for another set of tools that would work on the Drive PX2 for this purpose.


Were you able to figure out how to do this. I am looking into this myself


It’s possible to download the OTA image only from the server(do"vibrante-devota --help" to see --download option), and then can copy the image to external storage to use to update other boards. Thanks.

Were you able to clone disk image? I think vibrante-devota --download option can’t be used for this purpose as it can only download OTA image from server.

So, what is the best way to save snapshot of current system for backup purposes? There are some materials for Jetson boards, can we use the same method here

Dear mdemir,

Please see below link for your question. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

I don’t know if I’m wrong but the link you’ve posted can be used every time you’ve to clone the image without a target connected. My question is: how (if it is possible) can I use it to clone the disk image of a target (Tegra-A or Tegra-B) connected to the host?

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May be dd will work?
If the hardware is exactly the same and connection over ssh or somehow can be established you may try with it.
Generic use is

dd if=/dev/ of=/dev


dd if=/dev/ | ssh user@local  of=/dev/