How to edit a pivot point on an object?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to edit a pivot point on a object.
Example, like adjusting a pivot point so I can rotate a door on it’s correct axis.

I can’t seem to find the pivot tool on Machinima. Does anyone know?

Hello @Wintoons! I’ve been told that we will be adding the ability to edit pivot points in Create version 2022.2. As an extension, it should be available for use in Machinima, but I am asking the dev team to confirm.

Just got confirmation! The Pivot Adjustment Tool will work in Machinima as well!

That’s great news to hear! I actually figured how to, if you select the prim object and go to Add and then TransformOp and select pivot, you can then edit the pivot that by changing the XYZ coordinates.

But if they adding an extension to adjust the pivot points that will be very handy.
Thanks for your help, Wendy! :)

What’s the name of the extension? “Metrics assembler UI”? But can not find the “Metrics assembler UI” in extension list now? the tool is called the Pivot Tool. you can find it in Machinima, Composer, Code, Issac Sim, etc. under the “Tools” menu (if it’s not already enabled, you should be able to find it in the extensions list)


in Extension list as

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