how to edit the kernal and install rndis

The kernal extraction and build I got the content from this link 
Now I need to edit it to install the rndis in Nvidia Jetson tx 1 anyone can u help me

I do not know which features RNDIS requires, but from that URL you’d basically want to look at these steps:

make tegra21_defconfig
make menuconfig

Instead of “make tegra21_defconfig”, load your system as in the URL without modification. Once this is up and running copy “/proc/config.gz” to your host, gunzip this, and copy it to the top level of the kernel build area as “.config”. This will replace “make tegra12_defconfig”. Now, when you “make menuconfig”, you will be editing a nearly perfect copy of your existing system. You’d still need to set CONFIG_LOCALVERSION to “-tegra”. Edits from “make menuconfig” should now do what you want if you know what RNDIS uses.

Tip: I use “make nconfig” because of two features. One is to search for symbols. You might try to search for “RNDIS”. The other feature is to be able to display otherwise unavailable options (e.g., an option which doesn’t exist on arm64 can be viewed and you’d know why you can’t find the symbol).